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Cinematographer and Producer/Director Carl Thelin has a broad-based background

in film, which has allowed him to develop a diverse skill set. He has worked as a

camera man, editor, location scout, and screenwriter. As a director, his work has been

recognized with a nomination for a Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco

International Film Festival and with honors at festivals from Vancouver to LA. He is a

graduate of Grinnell College and holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from the

University of Hawaii.

An early adopter of the Canon 5D, Carl is now one of the more experienced shooters

in Shanghai with that camera as well as other DSLRs and small-format

interchangeable lens cameras such as the Panasonic AF100. He is also well

versed in using more traditional cameras such as the Sony F900 and

Panasonic Varicam, as well as newer large format cameras such as the Arri

Alexa and Red.

Carl grew up in Taiwan and as a result is

fluent in Mandarin Chinese and brings

extensive knowledge of Chinese culture to

the table. This knowledge proves useful in

dealing with logistical and personnel issues

that often frustrate international crews

shooting in China.

Besides Carl himself, Parched Camel

Productions has access to some of the best crew and production talent in

Shanghai, Beijing, and the Philippines, and are well positioned to handle many

different types of production needs efficiently and cost-effectively.